Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BE THE BOSS: The best ways to ensure you are building your RESI...

BE THE BOSS: The best ways to ensure you are building your RESI...: Residual income is a long term income flow as a result of your activities in your SFI/TC business, so you need to put in a lot of effo...

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Finder: How to Become a Guru

The Finder: How to Become a Guru: The Finder has done it again! Being a self-anointed guru is not easy. First you need to get this I mean someone has to name y...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to Become a Guru

The Finder has done it again! Being a self-anointed guru is not easy. First you need to get this I mean someone has to name you an expert in the field you want to teach others to replicate. That person is usually one;s self....(check that spelling).

I have found gurus on Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media sites calling themselves "Gurus". They are self anointed, self appointed and couldn't care less if you make it or not, they just want your money.  Believe me, I can attest with all sincerity to the validity of what I am saying.  Been there, done that and I have all the T-shirts for everyone of them...I have thousands of books, pamphlets, CDs, ebooks, articles, sites and bookmarks and an empty bank account to prove what I am saying is true.

In this article by Patric Chan "Excuse Me Mr. Guru, the Proof Please", you will understand that I am not alone.  You have probably experienced some of the same people I have.

There are websites out there that will gladly take your money and give you information. These websites are designed to draw you in and make you spend your last dime, or first dime on their product, whether it will work for you or not, whether you need it or not.  They are not interested in the outcome, they are interested in what is in your pocketbook, billfold, wallet, or credit card...that is their bottomline.

The article written by Patric Chan is superb, take heed and do not get caught up in the web of deceit that is out there.  It is designed to separate you from your money.

Thanks Patric for enlightening all of us about the Guru's and their self-anointing practices.

 If you study the Chan course you will soon be on your way to success. This course is designed for everyone and will easily spell out the day by day, step by step procedure you need to adhere to in order to make money on line.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is not designed to take your money. It is designed to aid you in your journey to become an entrepreneur and earn a reasonable amount of money online.

You will be happy with the results and if you are not, then just apply for a 100% return of your money within 60 days, no questions asked.

If you feel you cannot afford this course, then you shouldn't be online anyway, it is that reasonable.

Good luck with Patric Chan's course and be sure and tell him that "The Finder" sent you over there.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Earning Money Blogging

/I have been blogging for sometime, I am not as successful as I would like to be, but I am still learning. I recently ran across an article by Dragonblogger and was very impressed.  Earning money blogging has been so blown out of proportion and Dragonblogger has put it back into proportion for us.

If you are looking to get rich overnight, maybe you should read his post. I did and what I found was the truth. Getting rich overnight is a might get rich, but it won't be tomorrow.  You must work at it, with a steady mindset towards the market and what is needed in the marketplace.

Some people say that blogging is an art, I disagree, blogging to me is "steady at the helm" . You must be patient, you must know your audience and your niche and you must interact.  All of these qualities will make you a good blogger that people will listen to.  There are several good bloggers around, some are great, some are okay and some are downright good, the downright good are the ones I study every move they make, Dragonblogger is one of the downright great.  The reason why is his in our society today if you can find one honest person in the marketplace...go to bed with him....literally, take him home with you!

Content is king, we have heard this, but very few people pay attention to what is being said and they decide to write a formal blog, by this I mean, it is so stiff you choke on the message and cannot gain from what is being said.  Some bloggers never check their work and it is sloppy, not well written, but I think they have something to say, however they have not taken the time to correct their errors in the script.  I dump them, I do not follow them and they lose and sometimes, so do I.

I don't think blogging needs to be stuffy, but one thing I do think is that it must be honest and that is how I ran upon my new friend Dragonblogger.  His honesty sold me immediately, I am now a fan, I will listen to him and I will check out everything he has to offer.  Blogengage is a new blogging community that I discovered through Dragonblogger, very interesting site with an interesting concept. I will be blogging and entering their contest.

I connected with the "Dragon" on Twitter and was delighted when I saw his tweet today, now I was going to find out how to really earn money blogging.  What I found was right on the money, so save your dollars and get over to Twitter, Facebook and connect with the Dragon and learn how to make money online instead of beating yourself up everyday over blogging.  When you start paying it forward, giving back to the community and are consistent and have established your presence in the marketplace, you can blog like the Dragon.

Until tomorrow this is the Finder...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

If Your a Blogger, You Deserve The Best!

If all of you bloggers out in the stratosphere are as tired of blogging everyday as I am and wish to do something different, consider my choices, you might like them.

With all the holidays upon us, one would think, let's do something different. So I have outlined some things that I think might interest you on these coming holidays


Now we all know that mama needs a new dress and all the accessories, but don't forget the jewelry, as that will accent not only the outfit, but show your love in many ways. Every woman loves flowers, call your local florist and have a beautiful arrangement sent to your wife, mother and yes, your sisters too.

You cannot forget the kids and what they will need for Easter holidays either.Just   don't get too carried away.

Mother's Day
This is my favorite day of all days, even more so than Christmas.  I like to give to Mothers. They are the most maligned people in the human race. Without Mothers, we would not be here. They carry us in their tummies for 9 months and then they carry us right to their graves.

When the world is against us and we are fighting our own battles and don't know where to turn, we go to our Mothers. They are there when we are little and scrape our knees, when we graduate, when we fall on our face, when we make mistakes, when we choose the wrong mate, when we fail in business, when everyone it seems turns against us, Mothers never leave us...they just clean up the mess. Mothers are forgiving, to a fault. Sometimes we forget how great our Mothers are and I think they should be honored above all else.

Easter falls on April 24 and 2 weeks later is Mother's Day-May 8, 2011. Remember these dates, put them on your calendar and don't forget your Mother this holiday. Take her to dinner and show her that you care.

When dinner is over pack everybody in the car and head to the airport and take a much needed vacation. If you have been working non stop, I am speaking of all you bloggers, get the cobwebs out of your head and head to the beach for some much needed relaxation. You will be a better blogger when you return and just think of all the stories you can blog about, after your holiday.

Your family will never forget you and they will thank you for remembering them.

Happy Holidays